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Favorite Tranny Cooler? Jump to Latest Follow. Tranny cooler help keep the trannies at good operating temperature and avoid overheating which is the most common failure.

Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä My Favorite Trannies (@MyFavoriteTrans). 18+ Welcome to My Favorite Trannies! Whether you are trans yourself, or you are a lover of trans people, this place is for.

Our other favorite tranny stopped by to help do Kirill's makeup. Step one: paint his face white. I wish it was black so we could be cancelled even more.


I went to SmallBear to get a pair of trannies. Below are the PNP options they have. The guy on the video used option A below and I'm really leaning towards them.

unless any of you have used any other pair from these that u can.

2 minutes ago Last Post: Alfonsi. JailBait HUB! – Your favorite JB video!

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Unofficial subreddit for Blaire White. She creates videos making fun of ideologues and cultural Marxism.

I know the story on the 4+3 and I used to know alot about doug nash 5 speed trannies used in racing. I know the 4+3s can give alot of trouble and I understand why gm went to the 6 speed.

The M50D in my '95 had been making a little bit of noise when shifting into third, just like sandpaper on a piece of wood in a lathe. I drained the fluid yesterday and.

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