Transexual Definition

​someone whose gender identity does now not suit the sex they had been said to have at beginning, specially someone who has a medical treatment such as hormones or.

Transexual (comparative extra transexual, superlative maximum transexual). (rare) Alternative spelling of transsexual. Transexual (plural transexuals). (rare) Alternative spelling of transsexual. Transexual m or f (plural transexuais). Transsexual. Transexual m or f (plural transexuais).

Transgender and transsexual are interrelated terms however have various wonderful The following are the definitions, feasible similarities, and variations among them.

English dictionary definition of TRANSSEXUAL along side extra meanings, instance sentences, and extraordinary approaches to say.

UK English definition of TRANSSEXUAL along with extra meanings, example (additionally transexual). Denoting or relating to a transgender person, specifically one whose bodily.

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Lives taken, dreams lost, and communities shattered by anti-trans violence – This month I’m devoting several of my columns to memorializing transgender and gender nonconforming people lost to violence in 2021. Thomas Hardin, 35, on May 2 in York, S.C.: Hardin, said a friend,

Transsexual human beings are individuals who alternate their appearance to greater carefully resemble that of the alternative intercourse. Transsexuals may be male or woman. They commonly take hormones and often undergo surgical procedures to assist this manner.

People who identify as transgender or transsexual are typically folks that are born with traditional male or female anatomies however experience as even though they've been born.

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Define transexual. Transexual synonyms, transexual pronunciation, transexual translation, English dictionary definition of transexual. Noun 1. Transexual – someone who has undergone a intercourse trade.

Back · 1. · a male or lady that feels they have been born in the wrong gender. · A man or woman, born geneticaly one sex, And surgicaly and hormonaly makeing a exchange to.

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Transsexual manner person who needs to be taken into consideration with the aid of society as a member of the other biological intercourse. Some transsexuals go through intercourse alternate operations, and.

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Sep 13, 2021.

Transsexual is a more narrow category that includes individuals who desire to physically transition to the sex that corresponds with the gender.

Two-Spirit refers to a traditional position in Native American society, however now not all indigenous queer humans identify with the term.

Transsexual is more a bodily trouble with sex traits, feeling discomfort with one or more factor of your body. I'm beginning to experience the time period transsexual more as it should be.

Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms and Antonyms of "transexual". "transexual" Sentence Examples. "transexual" that means in english, "transexual" definitions, synonyms of "transexual", definition of.

Transgender and transsexual are related however distinct phrases that each talk to gender identity. Learn about those key variations right here.

Trans: Used as shorthand to mean transgender or transsexual – or every now and then to be.

They may require context and definition if utilized in mainstream media.

Transexual ; Noun, 1. Transexual – a person who has passed through a intercourse alternate operation. Transsexual · unusual man or woman, anomaly – someone who is uncommon ; 2.